Natural Pest Control In Miami

Natural Pest Control Tips

It can be difficult for homeowners in Miami to find a natural pest control option that is going to suit their needs. Pests are everywhere and are looking for any opportunity to enter your home. Make sure you go through the following steps if you want to keep the pests outside:

-Identify the areas of your exterior that need attention, such as an opening near pipes, roof, or gutters.

-Remove any clutter or debris from these areas and seal up any cracks around doors.

-Install screens on closeable vents and windows.

-Keep food stored in sealed containers, preferably in the refrigerator or pantry.  

-Make sure all decaying trees and shrubbery are removed out of your property.

Let's face it, Miami homeowners' best defense against pests is prevention. You can do this by maintaining the overall health of your property and home environment. A healthy lawn attracts fewer pests that eat it for food and would rather eat weaker plants in healthier yards.

Seal Cracks leading into the structure

Removing common pests from your home is very important to maintain a healthy, clean environment. The key is to identify the infestation and figure out the cause in order to properly seal it off. Ants can be sealed off using silicone tube seals around any gap or crevice that leads into your house. Homeowners should check doors and windows for gaps that allow ants, lizards, and other small pests to enter. Seal off window frames, door thresholds, and air conditioners or water pipes that are entering the house with steel wool or silicone tape. Keep in mind that mice will enter through gaps as small as a dime or rats will enter through holes as small as a quarter.

Homeowners should turn on their AC in the summer to keep common pests out. Keeping your home clean will reduce the risk of having an infestation and also make it less likely for these insects to travel in or around your house.

Ants are attracted by food, water or shelter. A good way is to remove all sugar bowls from the kitchen countertops and ensure that no sweet/greasy residue remains on surfaces where they would congregate after eating a meal. Make sure there's no food left behind after eating anything at the dinner table -- wipe off completely any crumbs; sweep up floor dust, etc. -- so that ants aren't drawn into contact with any leftover grub bits on a plate or crumbly cookie chunks scattered on the floor. With cracks found near water pipes, check for excessive moisture with a house dehumidifier.

Maintaining good sanitation is key to preventing any pest problem; you need to remove the source of attraction to ants or mice in order to eliminate an infestation.

 Keep food items stored in sealed bins and never leave them open on counters or floors as this will attract pests into contact with your food supply. Always wipe out containers after use and keep garbage lids tightly shut at all times. Common pests love sugar and sweet foods so try not leaving any uncovered bowls containing sweets (e.g., honey, jelly) as they will be consumed by ants/bugs instantly! Clean up spills immediately because moisture attracts insects such as ants..

Keep exterior of structure clear

The outside of a structure is one place where insects can thrive. Make sure the area in front of the home or business is free of debris and clutter. Be sure to clean up any wood piles, old tires, unused items that are just sitting around near the structure. Never use mulch around a structure because it not only holds moisture, but it also attracts ants, millipedes and roaches which makes pest control technicians jobs much harder. Instead, use small rocks or pebbles 18-24 inches from the structure to discourage pests from coming into contact with your property.

Cut trees away from the structure

Cut trees away from the structure. Pest Control technicians will tell you that one of the most common things we see when visiting homes are trees in direct contact the the house. If you have trees touching the structure, insects and rodents find it very easy to use that as a bridge and will follow it right into the structure via gaps/cracks on the roof or eaves. Trim all branches approximately 2 to 3 feet away from touching the house and keep these pests off the house. Food is one of the main things that lures those critters into your home. Make sure you clear floors and counter tops of food debris after cooking and eating. Wiping down surfaces can go a long way toward keeping your home pest free!

Food and Water

In order to protect yourself, you need to stop feeding the pests. Make sure counters are cleared before you go to sleep and sweep up crumbs. Outside, remove any standing water. Standing water is ideal for the production of mosquitoes.


Food is an ideal source of nutrients for all insects. Try to avoid leaving food out in the open as much as you can. If there are any leftovers, put them away or throw them out. Keeping your food in sealed containers will ensure that bugs cannot get to it. In addition, if you do have any pet foods, clean up their messes immediately with soap and water and keep it dry as well. Rinse pet bowls before going to bed at night and make sure they are completely dried so that mold won't start growing on them and cause a problem later on down the road.

Hire A Professional Pest control company

It is important to be aware that pest control companies will do more than just eliminate the pests. Hiring a professional pest control company will also help with protection from future infestation. It is important to use all the techniques in order to ensure that there are no signs of an infestation left over. A professional pest control company can help you with this part of the process because they can use products or other specialty equipment as needed for effective insect removal.


The professional pest control company may also offer services depending on what suits your needs best. Different homeowners may have different needs when it comes to their homes and their pest issues, so a professional pest control company will be able to provide everything under one package deal for you which makes it easier and less stressful for you.

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