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General Residential Pest Control

Your home is a safe haven for you, your family, and your pets - not the pests that will try to invade it. The Resid1ential Protection Plan is the best option for making sure that pests don't enter the areas where you and your family live, sleep, and prepare food. We make sure that we prepare and inspect for all potential pests and problems you may encounter at your home, and we are ready with industry-leading treatments to solve those prdoblems.

Our Residential Protection Plan is customized to meet your specific needs. We provide a minimum of four scheduled services, each focusing on your specific pest management needs. By concentrating our efforts outside the home, we reduce the need for applications inside. That "perimeter of protection" provides an invisible "barrier"; helping to seal out pests from entering your home. Specifically, we thoroughly inspect your home's interior and exterior. Then we concentrate on potential areas where insects might enter. We also provide treatments for specific conditions as needed or requested.

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General Commercial Pest Control

Spray Miami offers business owners throughout the South Florida area quality pest control services at affordable costs. We will work with you to find the best ways to handle your pest contract needs.

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Cockroaches live in nests. As such, killing a few roaches that happen to wander into a trap is an inadequate means of controlling the pest. It is best to have an experience pest control company handle any cockroach infestation that occurs in your home. We are fully equipped to handle any cockroach infestatio

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Fleas are wingless insects. Once the flea reaches adulthood, its primary goal is to find blood and then to reproduce.Its total life span can be as long as one and one-half years in ideal conditions. Female fleas can lay 5000 or more eggs over their life, allowing for phenomenal growth rates.

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Most spiders will only bite humans in self-defense, and few produce worse effects than a mosquito bite or bee-sting. However, many spiders in South Florida are dangerous and can be a major pest for homeowners.

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The pavement ant, yellow crazy ant, sugar ants, the Pharaoh ant, carpenter ants, Argentine ant, odorous house ants, red imported fire ant and European fire ant are all ants that are classified as pests.

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Rodents are small mammals that often become unwelcome guests in homes, necessitating pest control measures. Once rodents infiltrate your home, their primary objective is to seek food and shelter, often causing damage in the process. Their presence can lead to various issues in your household. The lifespan of rodents can vary depending on the species, but in a home environment, effective pest control is essential to prevent them from thriving. Female rodents can reproduce frequently, leading to rapid population growth within your home, making it vital to address these infestations promptly to minimize their impact on your living space.

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Pest Control Services in Miami

Are you sick of cockroaches, rodents, and other pests running around your house? Are you losing customers because of pests and flies roaming about in your stores? Have your allergies triggered or your kids got rashes because of the pests? Have you tried a million DIY solutions to bid good riddance to the pests but nothing has seemed to work? Do you want to get rid of those irritating pests once and for all? Worry not, and call the Best Pest Professionals to your rescue! We offer the best pest control services in Miami at affordable prices.

Being native residents of Miami and having a long experience of providing pest control services in Miami, we know just how frustrating the pest problems here have been. The most common pests in Miami such as cockroaches, and rodents have been wreaking havoc in homes and other spaces and making life harder. But now, with our cheap pest control services you can finally free your space of pests and bid them goodbye!

What services do we offer?

We are the one-stop solution to all your pest problems, no matter what your space or need, we can help you get rid of all your pest problems.

You can avail of our general residential pest control services meant specifically for the protection of your home from pests. After thoroughly inspecting your home, we use the best treatments so that your home will be pest-free. We ensure that pests won’t enter your house by sealing off the possible entry points and using specific treatments to ward off the pests. Not only residential but also General Commercial Pest Control services are offered by us. Don’t let pests bring down your business, we can solve all your pest problems so that your business soars. Take care of your pest problems with our affordable pest control services in Miami.